The Build

After much planning and delay, we finally got underway with the build in late March 2011. We never imagined that it would take us till January 2012 to complete and it has certainly been a hell of a ride. We would have made a great “Grand Designs” episode for sure!

The site itself has provided many challenges and dramas along the way. Add to that the fact that there is barely a right angle in the entire building and you start to understand the complexity. Then there was the rain, the sticky, slippery Hokianga clay and the wind you get with a winter build on The Hokianga. The most memorable drama had to be on Queen’s Birthday Weekend when a storm demolished the entire back wall of the house.  Or maybe the day when the 12 tonne digger bringing the structural steel onto the site began to slide whilst perched on the hill directly behind the partially completed building and had to be rescued by a second 12 tonne digger! Then there were the everyday things that became quite normal and run of the mill like carrying huge pieces of double glazed joinery one by one down the hill, or sliding the 200kg composite stone bath down to the house on a wooden sledge, or Steve oiling beams and rafters perched high above the ground whilst I tried not to look on….. The list goes on.

Of course there have been the high points and amazing moments of excitement and pleasure along the way as well. The best have probably been when others have come to the site and we have re- experienced it for the first time through their eyes.

As noted previously we have sourced materials and labour locally wherever possible. In so doing we have come across some fabulous craftspeople and wonderful products.