Planes Trains and Automobiles! (well almost)

We’ve just had some guests staying with us who went to major lengths to spend a couple of nights at Kokohuia Lodge. On Friday, following a night shift for one of them, they left from Masterton and drove to Wellington airport. From there they flew to Auckland and picked up a hire car, so they could drive the rest of the way. Today, they’re doing the same in reverse. Fortunately, they had a fantastic time on The Hokianga and are glad they made the effort.

It was a good week in general for Kokohuia Lodge. On Thursday, we inked a year long promotional contract with our friends at ecostore. This is for a rolling programme of activities taking us up to next summer. We’re very pleased with this association, as ecostore customers are likely to be the types of people who would also identify with Kokohuia Lodge. And on Friday, we met with Tourism New Zealand. The meeting started off with just one  TNZ staff member and by the end of the meeting there were seven people, including their Europe, Japan, China and Australia specialists. Its hard to know exactly where this will lead, but a number of those present were interested in sending foreign journalists to stay with us. Hopefully this will generate some good coverage for us in these key markets.

We’re also looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Unsurprisingly, it’ll be the busiest period we will have had so far, so it’ll be fun to experience running the business at full tilt.