Kokohuia Lodge Turns One

candleKokohuia Lodge, the Hokianga’s newest lodge has just celebrated its first anniversary.

It has been an incredible year, with many high points. First and foremost, we have had a non-stop procession of fabulous guests. We haven’t had one yet that we wouldn’t raise a glass with. (and we have in fact raised glasses with a few!)

Thanks to our friends at Northland Inc. and Tourism New Zealand, we have had the most unbelievable coverage in both print media and on the web. For me, the media highlight has been being featured in three English national daily newspapers, The Guardian, Financial Times and last Saturday, in The Independent. Link to Independent article.  Next month, we’re being featured in Jetstar Magazine and Travel New Zealand ( an Australian magazine with a circulation of 60,000).

We’ve spent part of the year raising our game, with new landscaping and paths, as well as a considerable investment in water filtering. Our water, while always crystal clear, is now so pure, we could bottle it and sell it. (Trade enquiries welcome).

I’m pleased to say that we haven’t spent all our time working. Suzanne has made great friends in the equestrian community and has spent a lot of time riding on the Hokianga’s stunning beaches and in the bush. And I’ve been getting into doing long walks along the Hokianga coastline and nearby forest with our friends at The Northern News. I’ve also really enjoyed fishing in the harbour and going out across the bar to fish in deeper water. Sometimes the harbour has so many fish, its a wonder there’s any room for water!

Can’t wait to see what Year Two holds.