Kokohuia Lodge is fast becoming Honeymoon Central!

champagne-glassesOver the last few months, honeymoons have accounted for a really high percentage of our bookings. Although, guests have been choosing us as a great place for a romantic getaway since we opened, the honeymoon side of things has really taken off recently. Maybe its the fact that guests have complete privacy and luxury when they stay, maybe its the romantic bath at the foot of the bed – whatever it is, newlyweds are choosing us in their droves.

This phenomenon has even spread to the UK! Just recently,  the You and Your Wedding website, which has half a million unique visitors every month, included us in their list ‘Top 10 Honeymoon Love Nests’ from around the world.  You can read the article here
We’ve also just pitched some promotional activity with New Zealand’s leading wedding magazine. Watch this space for an update soon.

In the past, many honeymooners chose to go overseas, but the story that we’re hearing from our guests is that they can have luxury, fun and seclusion without leaving the country. In particular, a number of our honeymooners have been visiting Kokohuia Lodge as part of a tour of Northland. They like being able to tick all the boxes for their honeymoon without leaving the country, changing currency, or needing ‘jabs’. Maybe, we should be marketing ourselves to Needle-phobics as well!