ecostore Australia Promotion With Kokohuia Lodge

Kokohuia Lodge PromotionOver the past year Kokohuia Lodge and ecostore NZ have done some fabulous promotions together. And now, we’re pleased to announce that this is spreading across the Tasman!
ecostore is a fast growing business in Australia, bringing environmentally friendly cleaning and household products to the massive Australian marketplace. Naturally Kokohuia Lodge is delighted to be involved with this.
ecostore have just gone live with a fabulous on-line promotion giving one lucky couple a prize of a 3 night stay at Kokohuia Lodge, including airfares, car hire and a romantic meal for two served to them in the Lodge. (click here to see the promotion)
The promotion is the lead item on the home page of  the ecostore Australia on-line shop, as well as their main Australian website and on their Facebook page. It is also featured in Google advertising and at two consumer Expos.
We’ve already tracked a lot of hits on our website from Australia as a result of the promotion, which is really pleasing as we have made Australia our prime marketing target over the coming months. We wish ecostore Australia all the best of luck with the promotion.