Its been a great season at Kokohuia Lodge!

Kokohuia Lodge HoneyAs we head into May, its a good time for us to look back on our season, which is only now starting to wind down.
Each year that we’ve been open, our season has started earlier and ended later, which is extremely gratifying. This season was no exception – to our great pleasure, we were heavily booked from the beginning of October, right through to the end of April. We’ve also started to get some solid bookings for next summer, so the omens are good.

We now have beehives and recently had our first honey harvest. It has been great fun learning about bees – they’re very cool animals! Apart from producing some of the nicest honey we’ve ever tasted (but we would say that) the bees also helped us to have a bumper fruit crop this summer.

After having had our fabulous pizza oven for a couple of years, we’ve finally completed our pizza oven courtyard. It has a lovely Mediterranean feel to it and the new festoon lighting (low wattage LEDs of course!) gives the area a real festive feel.

One of the things we’re most pleased about is that we now have a listing on Trip Advisor. Its really hard to get on Trip Advisor if you’re a one room accommodation and it took a long time to achieve, but we now have 37 reviews and are delighted that guests have said some really lovely things about their stay here at the Lodge.