Our first Mead!

We're very happy with our first brew of mead! Our bees produce some of the nicest honey that we've ever tasted, so we knew that our mead would be good. But it has surpassed all our expectations! Usually, mead is made from the scrapings that are left over when the honey is harvested and some or all of the yeast is derived from the natural yeast that's on the wax or on bits of debris. We didn't have access to our scrapings, so we used our actual harvested honey and added champagne yeast. This meant that we had a very pure honey and some extremely active yeast! The result is a very dry and fairly potent mead. And if we feel like a bit of a singalong after sampling some of the product, the words could be something along the lines of ... … [Read more...]

Birds Eye View of The Hokianga Harbour

Here's a fabulous shot of the Hokianga Harbour taken from our place. Our very clever friend, Csilla Ford from My Little Eye Photography took this pic with her drone flying more or less directly above The Lodge and it simply took our breath away. We love the fact that it shows our road, pointing straight out the mouth of the harbour. This is where Kupe arrived from Hawaiiki a thousand years ago and where some of New Zealand's earliest European travellers arrived also. Fast forward to Victorian times and the harbour was the centre of the Kauri trade. Kauri was so sought after that ships were prepared to risk the treacherous bar that guards the harbour. Also guarding the harbour are the two taniwha of legend, Arai Te Uru and Niua. Today … [Read more...]